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It’s always a joy trying out the latest and greatest stoner gadgets, and we are always on the hunt for new and exciting products to test out and review.

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Product Review: Dr Dabber XS

  • Zeus-ARC-S-Hub-Vaporizer-Review

Product Review: Zeus ARC S Vaporizer Hub

  • G-Pen-Elite-2-Vaporizer-Review

Product Review: GPen Elite 2 Vaporizer

Product Review: Utillian 5 V3 Vaporizer

Parkdale Brass Brockton MK2 Review

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review

  • Pulsar-APX-2-Review

Pulsar APX 2 Vaporizer Review

  • Dr-Dabber-Boost-EVO-Review

Dr Dabber Boost EVO Review

  • G-Pen-Dash-Vaporizer-Review

G Pen Dash Vaporizer Review

  • Vmax-Starry-3.0-Vaporizer-Review

Starry 3.0 Vmax Vaporizer Review

Dynavap M 2020 Vaporizer Review

  • Dizzle-Puffs-DHC

Daily High Club X Dizzle Puffs Box

  • Core-erig-review

Core eRig Review

  • Mighty-Vaporizer-Review

Mighty Vaporizer Review

  • Crafty-Vaporizer-Review

Crafty Vaporizer Review

  • DaVinci-IQ2-Vaporizer-Review

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer Review

  • Daily-High-Club-April-2020-Glass

Daily High Club April 2020

  • Utillian-2-wax-pen review

Utillian 2 Vaporizer Review

  • Close-look-at-the-Utillian-620-Vape

Utillian 620 Vaporizer Review

  • Utillian-722-Vaporizer-Review

Utillian 722 Vaporizer Review

  • Evri-Vaporizer-dip-devices

Evri Vaporizer Review

  • Houndstooth-Tweed

Houndstooth Review

  • Atomic9-Vaporizer-Review-by-Hydrology9

Atomic9 & Tectonic9 Review

  • Flowermate-Slick-Portable-Vaporizer-Review

Flowermate Slick Vaporizer Review

  • Ooze-Slugger-Dab-Dugout-Review

Ooze Slugger Review

  • Focusvape-pro-vaporizer-review

FocusV PRO Vaporizer Review

  • Zeus-Smite-Vaporizer-Review

Zeus Smite Vaporizer Review

  • Yocan-Uni-vape-mod-review

Yocan Uni Vape Mod Review

  • Pause-Tokyo-Smoke-Cannabis-Strain-Review

Pause Strain Review

  • Flowermate-V5-Nano-Vaporizer-Review

Flowermate V5 Nano Review

  • Pink-Kush-by-Canna-Farms-Strain-Review

Pink Kush Strain Review

  • Casablanca-Edison-Cannabis-Co-Strain-Review

Casablanca Strain Review

  • Boaty-McBoatFace-Weed-Strain-Review-Tweed

Boaty McBoatface Strain Review

  • Utillian-421-Vaporizer-Review

Utillian 421 Vaporizer Review

  • Hemptouch-CBD-Body-Butter-Review

Reviewing Hemptouch CBD Products

  • Broken-Coast-Keats-Cannabis-Strain-Review

Keats Strain Review

  • Black-Domina-Cannabis-Strain-Review

Black Domina Strain Review

  • Blue-Venom-Cannabis-Strain-Review

Blue Venom Strain Review

  • Utillian-5-Vaporizer-Review

Utillian 5 Vaporizer Review

  • Zeus-Arc-GT-Vaporizer-Review

Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer Review

  • LITL-Vaporizer-Review

LITL 1 Vaporizer Review

  • Ooze-Saturn-Globe-Grinder-Review

Ooze Saturn Globe Grinder Review

  • Lazarus-Naturals-CBD-Tincture-Review

Lazarus Naturals’ CBD Tincture Review

  • November-Daily-High-Club-Rocket-Ship-Glass

Daily High Club November 2018

  • Vapium-LITE-Vaporizer-Review

Vapium Lite Vaporizer Review

  • Delta-9-Sensi-Star-Cannabis-Review

This Is What Legal Weed In Canada Looks Like

  • Haze-Square-Vaporizer-Review-thechillbud

Haze Square Vaporizer Review

  • Glass-Skull-Bong-October-DHC

Daily High Club October 2018

  • Hemper-Glass-Review-Subscription-Box

Hemper Box Review

  • Daily-High-Club-September-2018-Review

Daily High Club September 2018

  • Davinci-Vaporizer-MIQRO-Review

Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review

  • DHC-Glass-August-2018

Daily High Club August 2018

  • July-2018-Daily-High-Club-box-review

Daily High Club July 2018

  • June-2018-DHC-Glass

Daily High Club June 2018

  • Dr-Dabber-Switch-Vaporizer-Review

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer Review

  • April-2018-Daily-High-Club

Daily High Club April 2018

  • Arizer-Argo-Vape-Close-up

Arizer ArGo Vaporizer Review

  • Daily-High-Club-Review-March-2018

Daily High Club March 2018

  • Arizer-Air-II-vaporizer-review

Arizer Air II Review

  • Daily-High-Club-box-February-customgrow420

Daily High Club February 2018

  • The-Weekend-Box-CBD-Review

The Weekend Box CBD Review

  • Elevated-Stash-Review

Elevated Stash Box Review

  • Daily-High-Club-2018-Glass

Daily High Club January 2018

  • Dollar-High-Club-Snowman-Bong-Glass

Daily High Club December 2017

  • The-Silver-Stick-One-Hitter-Review

Silver Stick One Hitter Review

  • Airvape-XS-vaporizer-review

AirVape XS Vaporizer Review

  • Chong-Joint-Pipe-DHC-November-2017

Daily High Club November 2017

  • Eyce-Beaker-Silicone-Bong-Review

Eyce Silicone Bong Review

  • October-Glass-DHC-2017

Daily High Club October 2017

  • Linx-Gaia-Review-Vaporizer

Linx Gaia Vaporizer Review

  • Empire-Rolling-$100-Bill-Rolling-Papers-Review

Empire Rolling $100 Bill Papers Review

  • Vie-vaporizer-review

Vie Vaporizer Review

  • Source-Orb-4-Signature-Kit-Review

Source Orb 4 Signature Kit Review

  • E-Clipse-vaporizer-review

E-Clipse Vaporizer Review

  • Alpha-Puff-Kit-review

Alpha Puff Kit Review

  • FocusVape-Tourist-vaporizer-review

FocusVape Tourist Vaporizer Review

  • Source-Nail-XL-review

Source Nail XL e-Rig Review

  • Prem31r-BlackoutX-vaporizer-review

BlackoutX Prem31r Vaporizer Review

  • Source-Slim-4-Review-Vaporizer-Pen

Source Slim 4 Vaporizer Review

  • Zeus-Thunder-2-vaporizer-review

Zeus Thunder 2 Vaporizer Review

  • Source-Orb-4-Vaporizer-Pen-Review

Source Orb 4 Vaporizer Review

  • Hippie-Butler-Subscription-Box

Hippie Butler Review

  • Daily-High-Club-Review

Daily High Club Review

  • JET-Waterpipe-Review

JET Waterpipe Review

  • SensiBox-Review

Sensi Box Review

  • G9-TC-Port-review-greenlightvapes

TC Port e-Rig Review

  • Firefly-2-vaporizer-review

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

  • Arizer-Solo-II-Review

Arizer Solo II Vaporizer Review

  • Vapium-Hyer-Big-E-review-dab-rig

Hyer Big-E Review

  • Grasshopper-Vaporizer-Review

Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

  • Canna-Bake-Box-Review

CannaBake Box Review

  • Dipstick-Vapes-Dipper-Review-Vaporizer

Dipper Vaporizer Review

  • Sploofy-personal-smoke-filter-review

Sploofy Smoke Filter Review

  • G-Pen-Elite-vaporizer-review

G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

  • Oven-lids-for-pax-3-concentrate-canister-review

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

  • Davinci-IQ-vaporizer-review

Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review

  • Hydrology9-vaporizer-review-cloudious9

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Review

  • Shine-Paper-Blunt-Wraps

Shine Premium Shade Leaf Wraps Review

  • Vapor-Brothers-VB11-Vape-Pen-Review

Vapor Brothers VB11 Vape Pen Review

  • Utillian-720-vaporizer-review

Utillian 720 Vaporizer Review

  • Wax-Pen-vaporizer-Light-Dr-Dabber-Review

Dr. Dabber Light Vape Pen Review

  • Dr-Dabber-aurora-vape-pen-review-unboxing

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Review

  • Dr-Dabber-Boost-unboxing-electronic-rig

Dr. Dabber Boost e-Rig Review

  • The-Puff-Pack-Review-stoner-subscription-box

The Puff Pack Review

  • pulsar-apx-wax-vaporizer-review

Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer Review

  • Cloud-Pen-Chloris-Review

Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer Review

  • Arizer-Solo-product-review-vaporizer

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

  • Arizer-Air-Vaporizer-Review

Arizer Air Vaporizer Review

  • Arizer-Extreme-Q-vaporizer-review

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

  • Product-Review-DaVinci-Ascent-Vaporizer

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Review

  • Haze-V3-vaporizer-review

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Review

  • The-Knockout-beer-gravity-bong-product-review

The Knockout Review

  • Zeus-Iceborn-Review

Zeus Iceborn Review

  • Product-Review-Pulsar-APX-Vaporizer

Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer Review

WaterPuff Mk1 Review

  • Goboof-Alfa-Review-sm

Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Review

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

  • Product-Review-Vapium-Summit-sm

Vapium Summit Vaporizer Review

  • Reviewing-shine-24k-gold-wraps-and-papers

Shine 24k Gold Wraps Review

  • Product-Review-Phoenician-Grinder-sm

Phoenician Grinder Review

  • reviewing-the-minivap-vaporizer

miniVAP Vaporizer Review

  • Product-Review-RANDYS-TREK-vaporizer-small

Randy’s TREK Vaporizer Review

  • Product-Review-Hemper-Box-Subscription

Hemper Box Review

  • atman-hachi-vaporizer-review-sm

Atman Hachi Vaporizer Review

  • Product-Review-HipVap-sm

HipVap Vaporizer Review

  • product-review-vapir-prima-vaporizer-sm

Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review

  • Product-Review-Kush-Cargo-box

Kush Cargo Review

  • Green-Bake-Box-Review-sm

Green Bake Box Review

V2 PRO Series 7 Vaporizer Review

  • Burn-Box-Review-sm

Burn Box Review

Crater 3000 Vaporizer Review

420 Goody Box Review

  • The-Dude-Boxx-Subscription-Review-thechillbud

The Dude Boxx Review

  • Monthly-subscription-review-dollar-high-club

Dollar High Club Review

  • Pax-2-vaporizer-product-review-the-chill-bud

Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

  • iHit-Phone-Case-Product-Review-sm

iHit Phone Case Review

  • GeniusPipe-Review-Thechillbud

GeniusPipe Review

  • product-review-monkey-pipe

Monkey Pipe Review

  • Product-Review-Sharpstone-grinder

Sharpstone Grinders Review

  • Raw-Rolling-Paper-Review

Raw Rolling Papers Review