With legal recreational cannabis in Canada in its infancy it’s difficult to find thorough, trustworthy reviews of the products currently available. Most of the shops across Canada emptied their shelves in a matter of days, and much of the bud is already up in smoke, but we’ve managed to save some to share with you.


Reviewing Recreational Canadian Cannabis

We’re going to take a look at Sensi Star, an indica hybrid strain produced by Delta 9; a Winnipeg based company.


Delta 9 Sensi Star Review

  • Indica Hybrid
  • Total THC: 17.20%
  • Total CBD: <0.07%
  • Terpene Profile – Alpha Pinene: 0.02% Beta Pinene: 0.03% Myrcene: 0.36% Limonene: 0.14% Terpinolene: <0.01% Linalool: <0.01% Terpineol: 0.03% Caryophyllene: 0.15% Humulene: 0.05%

10 grams of Sensi Star from Delta 9’s website costs $120.00 CDN + taxes + shipping. The cannabis arrived promptly in a secure pill-bottle container and weighed in at a very precise 10.00 grams.

At first glance the buds were well manicured, dense and aromatic. The stems were quite small and there was absolutely no ‘shake’ at the bottom of the bottle. Overall I was quite impressed with the first look.

Sensi Star is an indica dominant hybrid strain offering a full body high and cerebral invigoration. This strain has a fantastic pedigree, placing 3-times at the High Times Cannabis Cup for its potency and quality.

We tested the bud by smoking it, as well as vaporizing it in order to get a complete picture. I was very pleased as how smooth it smoked, for such a potent bud it was very easy to take long draws without coughing up a lung.

The flavor of the bud was quite pleasant as well. It has a very nice citrus aroma / flavor that cuts through the robust earthy flavor, on the other end of the spectrum from skunky strains.

As for the high itself it was a long lasting, full body high that was both potent and manageable. Despite being an indica dominant strain this Sensi Star didn’t knock you out. It gave me a very relaxed feeling throughout my body, and a calming yet stimulating feeling in my mind. I could see it being a perfect strain to pair with creative endeavors or social evenings.


Final Thoughts

Finding reviews for Canadian recreational cannabis is quite difficult at the moment, seeing as the market has been open for less than a month. However we did take some time to search around on social media for an idea of what others are smoking. Much of the bud across Canada appears to be comparable to what we got, but some (in Ontario in particular) seems less than ideal…

If the legal cannabis market in Canada expects to take over the black market and thrive, it must offer a product that is at very least on par. Delta-9 exceeded our expectations with their Sensi Star and I can’t wait to check out the other strains they have to offer.

Buying from legal producers gives consumers peace of mind. Granted this peace of mind comes at an inflated price when compared to what the black market has to offer, but it’s well worth while. Not to mention the fact that finding cannabis of this quality on the black market is next to impossible.

Check out what Delta 9 has to offer on their website. Delta9.ca