Remember the Bong-On-A-Bottle adapter that turned just about any plastic water bottle into a bong? Well, the innovative folks responsible for that have come out with an even more amazing creation; the Alpha Puff Kit by Alpha-Cat. It’s an entire stoner arsenal conveniently packaged for optimal portability. Plus it includes the same mouthpiece / bowl adapter to convert almost any plastic bottle into a water pipe.

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Alpha Puff Kit Review

The Alpha Puff Kit by Alpha-Cat is a 9.5” cylinder with everything you’ll need to spark up and puff down. It has a place for your papers and filters plus a stash spot for up to 3 pre-rolled joints. There’s a detachable grinder, a compartment for your bud, a torch-style lighter and of course the whole unit easily converts into a bong with a mouthpiece and glass bowl. The Alpha Puff Kit is the perfect on-the-go stoner companion.

What’s inside:

  • Kingsize papers
  • Filters
  • Refillable torch lighter
  • Storage canister
  • Grinder
  • Glass bowl / downstem
  • Cleaning brush
  • Universal bong mouthpiece


At $59 USD the Alpha Puff Kit is a pretty fair price considering everything you get. While I couldn’t see buying one for myself, I think it would make a fantastic gift for that special stoner you’re buying for. If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person and enjoy camping / hiking the Alpha Puff Kit could save you a lot of headaches while packing. Everything you’ll need to puff down is all located in one easy to carry container.


Convenient all in one design that gives you all the tools you’ll need to get stoned on the go.

Being able to convert almost any plastic bottle into a usable water pipe in seconds is a huge bonus!


I’m generally not a fan of smoking out of plastic, but for the purposes of the Alpha Puff Kit it makes sense. Plus it’s all medical grade for added peace of mind.

Portability and convenience are the name of the game for the APK, but unless you’re throwing it in your backpack it’s not all that portable due to its size.


Final Thoughts

The Alpha Puff Kit is a very cool product idea that seamlessly integrates all the stoner tools you’ll need or want into one easy(ish) to transport package. It’s like the smoking equivalent of an emergency / bug out bag, always good to have on hand.

Alpha Puff Kit Coupon Code: CHILL

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