We praised Cloudious9 for their innovative and feature rich flagship vaporizer, the Hydrology9. Recently, Cloudious9 came out with a more modestly priced portable vaporizer as well as an auto-dispensing herb grinder. We’re very excited to check out the Atomic9 vaporizer as well as the Tectonic9 grinder and share our thoughts with you.


Atomic9 Vaporizer Review

The Atomic9 is a palm-sized herbal vaporizer that offers quite a bit at its $59.99 USD price point. It comes pre-programmed with 6 different temperature settings, from 356° F to 428° F. A simple 1-button design and temperature indicator on the side of the unit makes it easy to operate. Loading the oven is a breeze thanks to the nifty slide-out shovel, allowing you to scoop your herb and gently pack it into the oven.

Found in the box:

  • Atomic9 Vaporizer
  • USB Charging cable


Cloudious9 thoroughly impressed us with their Hydrology9 vaporizer. It had a built in water filtration system as well as oven mixer, innovations that are seldom (if ever) seen in modern vaporizers. I got a very similar feeling when I slid out the retractable oven shovel, it’s a small innovation that just makes life easier.

The Atomic9 is a very compact vaporizer, weighing just over a couple of ounces and coming in at just under 4” in height. Despite its compact design, you can get ~10 sessions per charge with its 900mah Lithium-Ion battery.

Now let’s dig into the thing that matters most; performance. As far as the vapor quality goes, the Atomic9 was quite impressive! It offers really robust, flavorful hauls without feeling harsh or hot. This is impressive for a couple of reasons. One being that vaporizers for under $100 don’t often offer such robust and quality vapor. The second being that vaporizers that have the oven so close to the mouthpiece generally produce very hot and harsh tasting vapor.

Heat up time is very reasonable at ~30-45 seconds. Heat distribution is great as well, there’s no need to stop halfway through to mix up the herb in the oven.

Overall I was very impressed with the Atomic9, especially considering the price. You’d be hard pressed to find a better vaporizer for anywhere near the same price. Everything from the build quality to the performance are well above the standard.


Tectonic9 Grinder Review

The Tectonic9 auto-dispensing grinder from Cloudious9 is a high quality herb grinder coupled with a dispensing hole and powerful vibrating motor. The idea is that you grind your herb much the same as any other grinders out there. Then you can slide open an area on the side of the grinder, flip up the precision control piece located on the bottom of the grinder and then press the button to commence the vibrations that usher the herb from the grinder.


I tried my very best to approach this review with an open mind, but I just don’t see the need for a grinder that automatically dispenses my herb. The vibrations are powerful, loud and in my mind unnecessary. It can also make more of a mess overall because some of the herb gets caught in the funnel area when you’re done loading your bowl / joint.

The Tectonic9 grinder comes in at $59.99 USD, so it’s actually on par with most other high quality herb grinders out there. And as far as the actual grinding of the herb is concerned, the Tectonic9 is a great feeling and performing grinder. If you’re going to be getting a high quality grinder around this price anyway, and think you’ll find the auto-dispensing feature useful, then you might as well grab the Tectonic9. If you’re like me and have no need for the auto-dispensing function, it still performs great like a regular grinder, you just forfeit the 3rd “kief chamber” which I also find unnecessary.

To sum up this review, I was very impressed with the Atomic9 vaporizer and would certainly recommend it for anyone shopping for a value vaporizer. I’m less enthusiastic about the Tectonic9 auto-dispensing grinder but it certainly has its uses and I’m sure some people will find it convenient and useful.

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