Vapium is well known for their affordable and sturdy vaporizers, evidenced by their Summit model that we got to check out earlier. The latest Vapium model is the Lite, a modestly priced vaporizer that is packed with features seldom seen in this price range.


Vapium Lite Review

The Vapium Lite vaporizer costs a mere $79 USD, which is extraordinarily cheap especially when you consider everything you get for the price. The Lite features haptic feedback, multiple temperature ranges and an extra mouthpiece that fits directly onto your favorite water pipe.

Found in the box:

  • Lite Vaporizer
  • 14 / 18 mm adapter mouthpiece
  • Spare clean air intake drawer
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB-C Charging cable


First thing’s first, let’s discuss the performance of the Vapium Lite. No matter how affordable a vaporizer is, the most important thing is that it performs well and offers users a positive vaporizing experience. I found the Lite to be adequate but not mind blowing as far as overall performance.

To break down the performance further, the flavor was fine, the vapor production was alright, and it was surprisingly smooth considering how short the vapor path is. The thing that was rather disappointing was the efficiency. I found that for the amount of herb I was putting in the oven I wasn’t getting very many potent draws from the vape.

Build quality and feel were quite nice. When you take into account the fact that the Lite only costs $79 the build quality is really impressive! Loading the oven is simple and clean thanks to the raised edges surrounding the oven. It even comes with a stainless steel pick tool that fits securely in the bottom of the vaporizer.

Having multiple temperature options is an absolute must in my opinion. Vapium programmed the Lite with multiple temperature options that are very easy to swap between. LED light indicators and a simple user interface makes the Lite a breeze to pick up and use regardless of your previous vaporizer experience.

The battery life is quite decent as well, it should last between 10-12 uses before needing to be recharged. Once your battery dies you can quickly recharge it thanks to the USB-C charging cable. A feature that most other vaporizers (regardless of the price) don’t offer.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the Vapium Lite vaporizer for the price. It may take the cake as our favorite vaporizer for under $100. The overall performance left us a little wanting, but in terms of budget vaporizers it blows the competition out of the water.

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