The September Daily High Club box curated by the too hot to handle Chanel West Coast will have you living the high life! Almost every item in the box sports the iconic CWC logo. Cumulatively the box captures the spirit of Chanel West Coast. While the box seems a bit light compared some others we’ve recently checked out, the quality of the glass more than makes up for it!

September 2018 DHC Stash

  • CWC glass bubbler
  • Silicone ashtray
  • Torch lighter w/ flashlight
  • Sticky candy Juicy Jay papers
  • Juicy strawberry hemp wraps
  • 3 pre-rolled cones
  • Silicone ring w/ joint holder
  • Dope sticker set!


This is just one of the many epic boxes that the Daily High Club releases each and every month. Take a look at our full, in-depth review and see some of the other epic boxes from past months. Daily High Club Review.

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