Dip Devices blew us away with their Dipper nectar collector style vaporizer. It made vaporizing cannabis concentrates absurdly convenient and simple. They’ve recently come out with the next generation of nectar collector style vaporizer; the Evri. In addition to the beloved coil attachment, they’ve included the ability to use cartridges.


Evri Vaporizer Review

The Evri comes in 3 different pieces, the battery portion, the nectar collector portion and the cartridge portion. To use the Evri you simply attach either the nectar collector or the cartridge adapter to the battery pack via MAGNETS! I cannot overstate how much I love seeing magnets used in vaporizers, it makes swapping the components lightning quick while still feeling secure and rock-solid. It’s what makes the Evri stand out among the competition, it’s simple, it works and it’s versatile. Plus it’s only $69.99 USD which is a bargain!

Found in the box:

  • Evri Vaporizer
  • *Magnetic battery
  • *Vapor coil tip
  • *510 cartridge / pod attachment
  • USB charging cable


Vaporizing concentrates has never been so convenient. It’s what we loved about the Dipper ass well. Whenever the mood strikes you can grab the Evri and dip it into your concentrate for a robust and full feeling haul. You don’t need to grab a torch, fill your rig with water or play around with carburetor caps. Simply grab it, dip it and enjoy.

The Evri comes pre-programmed with 3 heat-settings, 2.6V, 3.4V and 3.8V. It has a one-button design that’s used to both operate the device as well as cycle through the temperature options. Simplicity and function are clearly the main mantras of the Evri, from how the device is designed to how you operate it, it couldn’t be more user friendly!


I focused on the performance of the coil vaporizer tip, as it’s most applicable to my vaping needs. Also, it’s the part of the Evri that’s the real selling point in my opinion. I was quite pleased with the performance, it reminded me very much of the previous Dipper which was a huge success in my mind. You may need to replace the coil tip after extensive use, thankfully Dip Devices offers full coil tip attachment replacements for only $9.99.

Since it performs quite well, and feels simple and solid to use, the big question is battery life. And once again the Evri delivers! It’s hard to quantify how many uses you’ll get in each charge, but it’s one of those devices that you’ll forget to charge regularly because it lasts so damn long!

Will the Evri replace your dab rig setup? Probably not. But that’s really not the point of it. The Evri will give you a completely portable and no-nonsense way to do dabs on the go. You’ll have full, flavorful hauls at the push of a button without having to load ovens or portion out your concentrates. It’s simple, it works and it’s affordable. The Evri is a must own in our books!

Get yours here: DipDevices.com