Our buds over at Kush Cargo hooked us up with one of their ‘Combo Cargo’ boxes to review. As far as cannabis based monthly subscription boxes go, Kush Cargo is among the leaders, and as soon as we opened the package we saw why.


Kush Cargo Review (November)

Before we jump into what we found in the box, let’s break down all the options you have when choosing your Kush Cargo subscription.

First off, you need to choose between the Nug Cargo, Dab Cargo or the Combo Cargo box. These are pretty self-explanatory, Nug Cargo is for those tokers who prefer to smoke flowers while the Dab Cargo is for extract fans. The Combo Cargo is simply a combination of both boxes.

  • Nug Cargo $25 (+ $7.10 S&H)
  • Dab Cargo $25 (+ $7.10 S&H)
  • Combo Cargo $45 (+ $10 S&H)

Each of the options offers a modest discount if you decide to sign up for the subscription service, 1, 3 or 6 month options.

After including the shipping and handling charges, the Kush Cargo box is one of the more expensive subscription boxes. It is also packed with value, probably the best value we have come across. Beyond the value, the items inside the Combo Cargo box were all things we were super excited about.

The stash list that comes with the box breaks down the value piece by piece. Totaled up, the Combo Cargo box contained $122 worth of stuff. Pretty amazing value when you consider the price, $45 + $10 shipping.

Grav Labs contributed a couple of items in this month’s Kush Cargo box, the nano dab rig they supplied was an awesome touch. No, it won’t be a regular dab rig for the extract nuts out there, but it will be a much welcome addition to anyone’s glass collection. As someone who dabs very infrequently, this rig will be perfect for me.

The Nug Cargo was also pretty stellar, the stars being the Wiz Khalifa rolling tray (something I was super stoked to see) and the Grav Labs glass blunt. But the addition of the dozen Cookies Stink Bags and the essential rolling pack (clipper lighter, king-sized RAW’s + tips) ensures you have everything you need to toke up for the month.


Kush Cargo Stash List

Grav Labs Clear Snic 10mm Nano Rig

Genetik 8×11 Silicone Mat

Genetik Titanium Keychain Dabber

Dope Stickers!

Grav Labs Glass Blunt

Cookies Stink Bags (pack of 12)

Wiz Khalifa Rolling Tray

RAW Artesano Pack (tray, papers & tips)

Doob Tube

Our Feels on Kush Cargo

Both the Dab Cargo and Nug Cargo boxes are jam packed with value, and at the $20-25 mark they are an easy pill to swallow each month. The Combo Cargo is a bit harder to justify for most tokers, but for $45 you get a bargain and a half!

I was personally thrilled with every item in the November Kush Cargo box, something I can’t always say when reviewing these subscription boxes. The Combo Cargo box would make a perfect gift for any toker, it’s kind of a ‘starter pack’, filled with all the essentials for both extracts and flowers. That being said, tokers that already have their ‘essentials’ will be very pleased with the new additions to their collection.

Kush Cargo ships out after the 17th of each month, so you might have to wait a couple of weeks for your shipment to arrive depending on when you order. This isn’t really a detractor though, most of the subscription boxes do something similar, shipping out all the orders within a small window each month.

Hands down one of the best subscription services in the cannabis niche, you won’t be disappointed.

Get your Kush Cargo box here: KushCargo.com