Lineage: Unknown. According to Leafly it is closely related (or simply a new name) to an 80/20 sativa dominant CBD strain called MediHaze.


Boaty McBoatface Review

Tweed’s nod to the autonomous underwater vehicle on the RRS Sir David Attenborough whose name was derived from an online vote. Boaty McBoatface is a CBD dominant sativa strain that’s geared towards medical users. Expect a very mild high because of the low 3.5% THC with very prominent healing benefits thanks to the ~10% CBD.

Boaty McBoatface’s aroma is rather unique, I can’t say I’ve smelled a strain quite like it. The high levels of myrcene emparts a sweet, earthy smell. It’s a very clean smelling strain, far from the diesel / piney strains known for their high THC content. At first whiff it reminded me of a more pleasant indoor pool smell… Which doesn’t sound too great but it’s actually not bad.

The effects of Boaty McBoatface make it a perfect choice for new cannabis users or those who use cannabis primarily for the medical benefits. That being said, even as a more regular cannabis consumer I quite enjoyed the mild stone that Boaty McBoatface offered. It’s a very manageable high that left me feeling mildly euphoric without feeling high. The CBD comes through quite clearly as well. I felt very relaxed and stress-free. Personally I’m not dealing with any chronic pain or anxiety, but this would be a very helpful strain if you were.

Even if you’re regularly smoking 15% – 20% THC strains and normally wouldn’t look twice at a strain with such a low THC percentage, I urge you to give this strain a try.