G Pen vaporizers have exceeded our expectations in the past. Offering products that perform well, at a price point that makes them very approachable for would-be buyers. The release of the G Pen Elite 2 vaporizer gave us the chance to check out a G Pen vaporizer that rivals and competes with the top of the line portable vaporizers on the market. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect to see from a premium vaporizer, as well as the heftier price tag.


G Pen Elite 2 Review

Grenco Science has significantly upped their game from the original G Pen Elite vaporizer released ~6 years ago. While the two units look quite similar, the latest iteration has notable improvements that aren’t obvious to the naked eye. The price tag puts it in league with some of the most premium portable vaporizers, and functionally it meets / exceeds many of them. So let’s take a deeper look at just what you get for the $249.95 the G Pen Elite 2 costs.

Found in the box:

  • G Pen Elite II Vaporizer
  • Silicone sleeve
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Secure hemp carrying case

Like we mentioned earlier, the G Pen Elite 2 is rather unassuming at first. But once you get your hands on it you immediately feel the quality of the design, materials used and attention to detail. It feels very solid in the hand, no rattling or cheap feeling areas which is important if you want to compete with the very best vapes on the market.

A beautiful zirconia mouthpiece is secured to the body of the vape with a powerful magnet (you know how much we love magnets here). It’s easy to miss, but within that small mouthpiece is a screen leading to a zirconia helix that elongates the vapor path. This gives users surprisingly cool and tasty hauls despite a close proximity to the oven itself.


Now let’s dive into the Elite 2’s oven! Using both conduction and convection heating, the Elite 2 gives you the best of both worlds. Conduction heating is used to heat up the herb in the oven quickly, while using draw-activated convection to heat up the oven contents as you inhale. This means you get great functionality as well as efficiency and vapor quality.

The supplied silicone sleeve is less of an option and more of a necessity in our opinion as the device does get quite hot to the touch throughout use. This is just a side effect of the heating technology and the compact design of the device. It would be unfair to consider this a con that Grenco didn’t properly address, in fact we praise that they decided to include a heat-shielding silicone sleeve by default.

A quick rundown of the bells and whistles the Elite 2 has: haptic feedback, full color display, built-in poke / stir stick, full temperature control, ceramic airpath, dual heating oven, zirconia mouthpiece, zirconia helix vapor pathway. All powered by a 2100 mAh battery that lasts roughly 1-hour of continuous use.


G Pen’s Elite 2 vaporizer isn’t designed for oils / extracts, it is a dry herb only device. The oven holds roughly ⅓ of a gram of dry herb and provides even heating so no need to mix it up halfway through the session. The vapor quality itself is quite good, especially considering the size. It is at least on par with some of the best we’ve had the pleasure of trying.

To be completely honest, I did not expect to like the G Pen Elite 2 nearly as much as I did. I expected a painfully generic device with no innovation and mediocre vapor quality. To Grenco’s credit, I was completely wrong and couldn’t be happier about it!

Get yours here: GPen.com