A crafty stoner can turn almost anything into a pipe or bong, but we’re not all that crafty. Enter Bong-On-A-Bottle, a genius piece of equipment that turns any plastic bottle into a water-pipe instantly. If you’re looking for the heavy-hitting experience that a bong offers, coupled with the portability and convenience of a pipe, the Water Puff is for you.


Bong On A Bottle Water Puff Mk1 Review

Consisting of two pieces, the mouthpiece that screws onto virtually any plastic pop bottle, and the glass bowl / stem. At £11.99 ($17 USD), the Water Puff Mk1 is one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a water-pipe.

The glass stem itself is just under 7” long, meaning it will fit into almost any pop bottle, but it won’t leave much room for a chamber. Don’t expect monster hits from this thing, but don’t underestimate it either.

I wasn’t thrilled with the glass bowl. It’s a small bowl, which I actually prefer, but it feels pretty cheap. There is no handle or knob to protect your fingers when sliding the bowl out. I would have really loved to see a glass on glass stem instead of the stem / bowl combo. It would make for a tighter fit and allow users to use their favorite bowl instead of the one provided. This probably wouldn’t make sense at the price point though.


Turn any plastic bottle into a bong in no time flat.

Super portable unit that fits in your pocket.

The price point makes it an easy buy. Even if you only end up using it once in a blue moon, it’s a nice piece to have on hand.


The bowl / stem isn’t my favorite. But for the price I can’t really expect much more. If it’s truly a problem you can simply toss in your own glass on glass stem.

A little handle on the bowl would be nice to see, stoner-fingers across the globe would be thankful.

Final Thoughts

Honestly not much to say about the Bong On A Bottle that hasn’t already been said. It’s extremely affordable, it’s straightforward and it works well.

Unfortunately the Bong On A Bottle is no longer available. Thankfully they decided to make something even cooler!
Check out the Alpha Puff Kit.