It’s not often we see a vaporizer that is completely free from any electronic components or batteries. The Dynavap M 2020 is just such a vaporizer, taking up about as much space as your classic 1-hitter or bat. Because the Dynavap M doesn’t rely on fancy modern technology. You will need to have a torch lighter in order to use the device though.

Dynavap M 2020 Review

Dynavap M 2020 Review

While the Dynavap M 2020 is essentially just a well engineered and thoughtfully designed metallic cylinder, it does command a seemingly hefty price. Costing $75.00 USD, it seemed a bit much to ask at first glance. After taking a closer, more detailed look and putting the Dynavap M through its paces, the price made a lot more sense.

What’s in the box:

  • Dynavap M 2020
Dynavap M 2020

Yes. That’s it! Your brand new $75.00 Dynavap vaporizer comes inside a folded piece of cardboard with no bells or whistles to speak of. The vaporizer itself is truly unique and in my opinion quite attractive. The metal is deliberately scored and tapered in order to function effectively and comfortably. With specially designed bumps and grooves to give off a “click” noise when the device is sufficiently heated, and a heatsink located just behind the oven in order to dissipate the excess heat.

I will admit that this device can take some getting used to. If you dive right in and aren’t aware of the “click” for example, you’re almost certain to combust your herb. After a few uses you’ll have your torch technique down to a science. I’d recommend first timers check out a tutorial video or pay close attention to the directions below.

How To Use The Dynavap M 2020

  1. Remove the cap located over the oven
  2. Load the herb in the oven and tamp down very lightly
  3. The oven shouldn’t be filled to the brim
  4. Replace the cap once the oven is loaded
  5. Hold the Dynavap close to the mouthpiece end between your index finger and thumb
  6. Use a torch lighter to heat the oven cap
  7. Aiming the flame for roughly the middle of the cap (around the Y or N)
  8. Continuously rotate the device with your thumb and index while heating the cap to ensure even heating and no burn spots
  9. Once you hear a clear “click” sound (caused by the expanding metal of the cap / oven) the device is ready to go
  10. Remove the torch lighter immediately and draw from the mouthpiece end
  11. Repeat this until the herb is spent

Not only does Dynavap have an entire line of vaporizers to choose from, featuring new materials and clever designs. There is also a list of accessories you can use to upgrade your session even further. Grab a wooden dugout for easy transport, a glass adapter to easily use the Dynavap M with your favorite glass piece, or even grab an induction heater to free yourself from the torch and ensure consistent temperature each and every use.

Our biggest and really only gripe with the Dynavap M is the fact that we need to tote around a torch lighter in order to use it. This design also means it can be a bit hazardous handling the vaporizer immediately after use because well… It’s hot!

Our issue with the torch lighter really just comes down to personal preference though. While battery operated vaporizers can be more convenient sometimes, it’s also nice to have something that you don’t need to remember to charge. It also adds a unique feel to the vaporizer, it feels like you’re actually doing something. Almost like rolling a joint. There’s a level of technique and intimacy that’s often lost with most technologically advanced vaporizers.

Once you have the process dialed in, the hauls from the Dynavap can be quite robust and flavorful. I was quite impressed with the hits I was getting, and pairing it with a water pipe would only heighten the experience further. For multiple users or large sessions the Dynavap might not be the best bet. For light personal use and microdosing it is absolutely perfect!

Anyone with an abundance of butane and a thirst for raw, tactile vape sessions I would highly recommend the Dynavap M. While I do still feel it is a touch expensive, that $75 is more than just a vaporizer. It’s a ticket to a new way to enjoy your herb and enter an entirely new community of vaporizer enthusiasts.

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