If you follow any cannabis themed influencers on Instagram or Twitter, chances are that you’ve already seen these popular $100 bill rolling papers with the hashtag Pass The Bennie. The folks at Empire Rolling were kind enough to send us some of these high roller rolling papers to test out. So let’s dive in!


Empire Rolling $100 Paper Review

A rolling paper that looks almost identical to an American one hundred dollar bill is a novelty, there’s no doubt about that. Because of this, it would be easy to skimp on quality and rely on the novelty alone to drive sales. Thankfully, Empire Rolling decided to go a different route and made quality a priority. A classic pack of Benny rolling papers consists of 4-packs of 10 papers each for a total of 40 papers costing $19 USD. Or you can grab yourself a Benny Box for $99 which contains 24-packs of papers (240 papers). Each pack of papers includes 10 paper tips.


Let’s address the single most important thing (in our mind) about these $100 papers; the ink. Empire Rolling uses coloring made with vegetable oil to ensure a non-toxic smoking experience. Generally I’m not a fan of anything on my papers, it’s why I opt for RAW rolling papers and avoid any flavored papers like the plague. The idea of any ink, vegetable oil or not, is still a bit difficult to get behind, but I’m sure the fine folks at Empire Rolling know what they’re doing.

Now, the next most important aspect of any rolling paper is how well it smokes and how easy it is to roll with. The Benny papers are a bit stiffer and thicker feeling than the papers I’m used to rolling with, but they smoke really well. There’s no added harshness (which I kind of expected to be honest) and the papers burned evenly and easily. I did find them a bit more difficult to roll than conventional papers, this was due to a couple of things: the thickness of the paper itself, the printed side of the paper was pretty slippery feeling, and finally the glue was a little weak in my experience. I never ran into the problem where the glue would completely let loose, but I did feel I had to be delicate with joint as to not break it open.


The Benny rolling papers aren’t an everyday thing, they’re a special treat when you want to feel a little flashy at a party. I’d compare them to the Shine 24k Gold rolling papers in this way, a little treat to mix up the session with and spark some conversation between fellow tokers. The Benny papers are just as awesome as the gold papers without being nearly as expensive.

Final Thoughts

It’s no wonder that Empire Rolling is saturating social media feeds with their head turning papers. I’m just thrilled they went above and beyond and weren’t just a novelty item, I’d actually use them to smoke regularly.

Get yours here: EmpireRolling.com