Today we’re reviewing the Ooze Slugger, a dugout for dabbers on the go! We’ve reviewed some products from Ooze before, and we praised them for being affordable and functional. Let’s see if the Slugger fits this Ooze philosophy and offers users a great way to take their dabs on the go without breaking the bank.


Ooze Slugger Review

The Ooze Slugger is essentially a travel kit for concentrate enthusiasts. It gives users a convenient way to tote around their different concentrates, a couple of nails and the silicone nectar collector. The only thing you’ll need to bring is a lighter / torch to heat up the nail. Coming in at $49.99, the Slugger is a good deal, but doesn’t quite offer the same amazing value that some other Ooze products do.

Found in the box:

  • Ooze Slugger silicone case
  • Glass bowl
  • Glass nail
  • Titanium nail
  • Silicone nectar collector
  • 4 Storage compartments (found in the body of the Slugger)


If you’re unfamiliar with nectar collectors we’ll briefly explain how they work. Think of a nectar collector as a straw. Instead of placing the concentrate into the nail / bowl, you’re bringing the nail to the concentrates. Pre-heating the nail attached to the collector (straw) and gently placing it into the concentrate to vaporize the material while inhaling through the straw.


While the Slugger is marketed as a Travel Kit, it is a bit large to imagine throwing it in your pocket and walking around for the day. The dimensions are ~3 ¼ inches wide, 6 inches long and 1 inch thick. If you’re carrying around a bag it isn’t an issue, but again, I couldn’t see carrying it around in my pocket.

Other than the transportation itself, the Slugger offers maximum convenience and function. I was thoroughly impressed with how well they integrated all the components you’ll need to dab in a sleek and inconspicuous package. I love that they included both a glass and titanium nail to swap between depending on your preference, and the glass bowl is removable if you want to give it a thorough cleaning.


Integrating the storage compartments into the body of the Slugger eliminates the need to carry around multiple silicone concentrate containers. You can have up to 4 different concentrates on the go so you won’t have to worry about running out.

The Slugger works quite well and is simple to set up, use and put away in a matter of moments. It’s all self-contained which makes it easy to keep track of all your dabbing needs and bring them with you on the go.

The big question is… Is it worth the $49.99? In short, yes. However I would like to say that I’ve come to expect Ooze to offer more value than most in the cannabis space, and I don’t quite see the same value in this Slugger. While it’s certainly worth the $49 price tag, and I would expect other companies to charge at least this much, I would have thought Ooze would offer it for slightly less. This is just my own expectation not being met, but I’d still feel comfortable shelling out the $49 for what the Slugger has to offer.

To sum it up, the Slugger is secure, convenient and works well! It’s a perfect option for those who like to keep their set-up clean and out of sight, or those who like to transport their goodies regularly. Just bring a lighter and some concentrates and the Slugger will provide the rest!

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