It’s not everyday that we get to introduce a brand new product as innovative and cutting edge as this one. The Dr Dabber Switch is the most technologically advanced vaporizer we’ve seen so far. I truly hope that the Switch helps pave the way for future vaporizers, it’s absolutely awe inspiring. Let’s dive into the world of induction vaporizing brought to us by Dr Dabber.


Dr Dabber Switch Review

At the time of this review the Dr Dabber Switch is only available for pre-order, but it will be hitting the market very soon! You can reserve your Switch for $399.99 USD, which seems like a lot, but by the time you get to the end of this review you’ll see that it’s an incredible value.

Found in the box:

  • Switch Vaporizer
  • Glass percolator
  • White ceramic induction cup
  • Black ceramic induction cup
  • Metal induction cup
  • Glass dab tool / carb cap
  • Reverse action tweezers
  • Silicone storage container
  • Charging cable


Dr Dabber has changed the game. The Switch uses induction heating technology to reach your desired temperature (more than 25 settings to choose from) in ~4 seconds. That’s right… 4 seconds! It was shocking to see vapor start pouring out from the ceramic cup almost immediately after I pressed the “Go” button. Magnets are amazing.

What’s more, is the Switch will last for around 150 full heating cycles on a single charge. This unheard of battery life will ensure you’ll always be able to vape when the mood strikes, but just in case they also included pass-through charging so you can vape while it’s plugged in.

One thing to always keep in mind is to never EVER use any metal tools in the Switch while it’s powered up. Any foreign metal objects could cause severe issues if they’re present while the Switch is on. Be sure to use glass loading tools (like the one provided), ceramic works too.

Despite having so many different heat options and features, the Switch is extremely simple to use right out of the box. For those who really like to dial in the perfect vaping experience, you can play around with the different modes for both oils and leaf. Customize the heat hold time to fit your needs, even choose between 25 different LED light show options (including a “stealth mode”).

As one might expect from a $399 vaporizer, the Switch feels well built, sturdy and thoughtfully pieces together. There’s only one aspect of the Switch that I’d like to see improved somehow. Having to use the reverse action tweezers provided in order to place the loaded induction cup into the chamber is a bit of a nuisance. Other than that; there’s no aspect of the Switch’s design that I’d like to change or improve upon. It’s simply fantastic!

Performance is the single most important thing when it comes to any vaporizer in my opinion. Yeah you’re vape might look and feel spectacular, but if it doesn’t perform well then it doesn’t matter much at all. Not only does the Dr Dabber Switch look and feel amazing, the performance is outstanding! It’s a bit of a different vaporizing experience than I’m used to if I’m being honest. I would compare it more to the bong rip of vaporizers as opposed to a more drawn out, slower experience that most other vaporizers offer.

The induction heating means you’re getting all the heat you want immediately, which makes for quick and robust vapor production. Also, because the Switch doesn’t allow much oxygen in the chamber while the carb cap is on, you won’t need to worry about combusting your herb when using high temperatures. I was able to vaporize my herb until it was virtually black without having any harsh tasting vapor or hints of combustion. Granted this isn’t how I would normally vape, but I wanted to give it a shot in the name of SCIENCE!


Final Thoughts

The Switch performs great with both oil and herb, so no matter what you’re in the mood for the Switch has you covered. Some vaporizers specialize with one or the other, the Switch really does perform like a top tier vaporizer regardless of what your vaping.

What more can I say about the Switch? I truly loved every detail and aspect of this vaporizer. Packaging, design, performance, versatility, innovation and quality are all top notch. If you’re in the market for a table top vaporizer, save your shekels and treat yourself to the best the market has to offer; the Dr Dabber Switch.

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