This DHC collaboration box features items near and dear to high profile tokers, Koala Puffs & MacDizzle420. It has all the essentials, including a fun take on a stoner juice box and a personal smoke filter to reduce odors / smoke. It’s a great box for stoners of all sorts thanks to the concentrate nail AND traditional herb bowl. Or maybe you prefer rolling a joint? Or a blunt?! Well regardless of how you like to consume your herb this box has you covered.


Daily High Club X Dizzle Puffs Stash

  • Glass Juice Box Bubbler
  • Herb bowl & Concentrate nail
  • Elements King Size Papers
  • Philter Smoke Filter
  • Royal Blunts Herbal Wraps
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Keychain / Dab tool
  • Dope Sticker Set!


This is just one of the many epic boxes that the Daily High Club releases each and every month. Take a look at our full, in-depth review and see some of the other epic boxes from past months. Daily High Club Review.

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