The Sploof has been a staple in the stoner arsenal for decades. Most commonly, a cardboard toilet paper roll is used. By covering one end with a dryer sheet secured by an elastic, and filling the tube with a couple more fabric softener sheets you’ll get you a rudimentary personal smoke filter. The Sploof helps to eliminate / mask the odor, but the smoke itself is still visible.


Enter the Sploofy, a more advanced personal smoke filter using activated carbon sourced from coconut husk as well as their HEPA filtration system. Not only does the Sploofy completely eliminate the odor of the exhaled smoke, it eliminates the smoke itself!


Sploofy Review

The Sploofy will set you back $19.99 USD, a few dollars more than some of the competing personal smoke filters. Having used a few of the more popular smoke filters, I’d say the few extra dollars are well worth it.

Something to keep in mind when using any personal smoke filter, it will only eliminate the odor / smoke from exhaling. The joint / bowl itself will give off smoke and that dank aroma we’re trying so hard to cover up. For complete discretion I suggest using a vape pen paired with a Sploofy to minimize any potential for smell.

There’s no question that the Sploofy works, it’s a world of difference from the old homemade sploofs I used throughout my youth. Comparing it to other personal smoke filters, the Sploofy continues to shine. It’s really easy to exhale through the Sploofy. This might not seem like a big deal, but forcing your breath through a restricted air path again and again is tiresome and a bit frustrating.

Smoke filters are meant to keep things discrete. While the Sploofy eliminates the odor and visible signs of smoking, the unit itself is rather conspicuous. It’s not something you’d throw in your pocket as it’s roughly the size of a pill bottle. If you’re toking at home and want to keep things smelling fresh it’s a perfect smoking companion.

Another huge advantage of the Sploofy over its competitors is the fact that you can replace the filter cartridges. Other personal smoke filters need to be completely replaced after they reach the end of their life, making them a more expensive option over time. Sploofy allows users to buy spare cartridges for $12.99 (or a 3-pack for $29.99).

A typical user can enjoy 300-400 uses from a single Sploofy cartridge depending on their smoking habits. Smoking herb will be more taxing on your filter than smoking concentrates for example, and vaporizing will extend the life even further.



Completely filters out the odor as well as the smoke / vapor.

Very little resistance makes exhaling through the Sploofy easy and relaxing.

The ability to purchase spare smoke filter cartridges is a major bonus!


There is a small amount of space between the mouthpiece and the filter itself, meaning you’ll need to exhale a little extra to ensure all the smoke gets filtered through.

The mouthpiece is also the base of the unit. This isn’t a problem if you have a very clean table to sit it on, but for the rest of us it required a quick wipe between uses.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to go through the trouble of making your own sploof to mask the smell of cannabis with the smell of fresh laundry, you should probably just pick yourself up a Sploofy for $20. The old dryer sheet method worked pretty well, but it certainly didn’t eliminate the odor completely. The Sploofy does a remarkable job eliminating both the odor as well as the smoke itself, there just isn’t any comparison.

Whether you’re trying to keep your smoking on the low, or just prefer to keep your room from smelling like cannabis smoke, a Sploofy is the way to go. Again, I’ve used a few personal smoke filters but the Sploofy blows them all out of the water. It’s my go to.

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