Sciency folks of today took some cues from legendary deities and developed a wax pen with the power to create clouds on demand. The Zeus Thunder 2 was sent to us by our friends at TorontoVaporizer, and we’re pretty excited to check out this high-power, low-profile vaporizer.


Zeus Thunder 2 Review

The Zeus Thunder 2 wax pen will run you $89.99, but you’ll also get a free gift worth ~$20 (a case or an herbal vape attachment). The price isn’t out of the ordinary when compared to other concentrate pens on the market, but after using the Thunder 2 I’m not totally convinced it’s worth the price. Let’s break it down and you can decide for yourself.

Found in the box:

  • Thunder 2 Vaporizer
  • USB Charger
  • Silicone wax container
  • Dab tool
  • 4 spare O-rings


*For the purposes of being completely transparent with our reviews, I feel it’s important to mention that the first Zeus Thunder 2 we received had an issue where the glass top that’s supposed to slide on and off the unit (sealed with the O-rings), had adhered itself the rubber O-rings. This made the unit unusable, but TorontoVaporizer was extremely helpful and swift remedying the situation, we had a fully functional unit in our hands in no time!

Like any good wax pen, the Zeus Thunder 2 is extremely simple to use and maintain. It uses a one-button system to lock / unlock the unit, and the initiate the heating process. Even an absolute beginner would be able to pick it up and get a solid haul right away.

The Thunder 2 is easy to use, sure. In exchange for the simplicity you’ll be sacrificing the ability to personalize your experience with things like temperature settings / atomizer materials. The factory heat setting is right around average, but as someone who enjoys using lower temperatures I found that it could get a bit of a burnt taste nearing the end of the session.

Zeus equipped the Thunder 2 with a ceramic plate atomizer, but that’s it. If you’re a fan of rod atomizers, or coiless options (like me) then you’re in for a rude awakening. Honestly though, ceramic plate atomizers perform quite well, I just wanted to highlight the lack of choice for those who are particular about their atomizers.

The majority of the Zeus Thunder 2 is designed to be simple, sleek and functional. With the exception of the glass sheath portion that seems entirely unnecessary. The glass sheath won’t inconvenience you whatsoever, unless it breaks. Sure it looks neat, but I don’t understand the thought process behind adding a fragile component that adds nothing to the unit itself, but without it the unit simply won’t work.

Vapor quality is sufficient, the first few rips taste great and you can get some serious clouds from the Thunder 2. As the material heats up, or if you pack too little in the oven at a time, you can end up with a slightly burnt flavor. While anyone can pick up the Thunder 2 and use it immediately, it will take a bit of experience to get consistently flavorful hauls.


Size is a major factor for most people when browsing the different vaporizer pen options out there. The Zeus Thunder 2 is slim, small and discreet.

Easy to use. One-button operation makes the Thunder 2 simple enough for anyone to use right out of the gate.

Zeus coupled power with great battery life. Get large hauls time after time without having the recharge after every session.


The price seems a bit steep for what you’re getting with the Zeus Thunder 2. Personally I’d like to see it dip by about $20.

Unnecessary fragile components are never a good thing. The glass cover for the Thunder 2 only offers potential issues as opposed to improved function.

The flavor can easily be ruined by overheating the unit, giving off a burnt taste that’s hard to shake.

Final Thoughts

Considering how far concentrate pens have come in the past couple of years, the Zeus Thunder 2 seems to be a bit behind the ball, at least for the price. If I was paying $50-$60 for the Thunder 2, I’d have very little issue with the performance and build quality. For the $89.99 I’d really like to see more though.

If you’re looking for an easy to use vape pen and aren’t overly concerned with it being knocked around in your pocket / bag, then the Zeus Thunder 2 is a good option. But I wouldn’t call it the best option.

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