It’s our absolute pleasure to introduce one of the newest monthly subscription boxes geared towards cannabis users; the Sensi Box. The main thing that sets the Sensi Box apart from other subscription companies is that they curate boxes specifically for men and women. They offer some different subscription options with some awesome perks, we’ll be covering the Sensi Box for Him and for Her.


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Sensi Box Review

Before we jump into the boxes we want to cover all the different subscription options that Sensi Box offers. The ‘main’ boxes contain 7+ items which include some smoking essentials, a glass piece and some other random goodies, these cost $35.00 on a month-to-month basis and ship free within the U.S. Signing up for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time provides a small discount as well as some bonus goodies!

Sensi Box also offers a ‘TOKE’ box which has 5+ items for $20.00.

If you decide to give Sensi Box a try we managed to get you a coupon code for $10 Off for subscriptions of 3-months or longer.


Boys Box

Jam packed with everything a smoker needs for the month, the Sensi Box for Him goes above and beyond. Not only does it have everything you’ll need to get your smoke on for the month, it includes some SensiBalm (Lip balm made by Sensi Box) and a pair of HUF socks!

I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging and overall presentation of the Sensi Box. Even the stash list was presented well, every item is clearly labeled and pictured so you can be sure you got everything you were supposed to.

Boys Box Stash List

  • Pair of HUF socks
  • Glass blunt
  • RAW rolling mat
  • Doob tube
  • Clipper lighter
  • Hemp wick
  • Silicone concentrate container
  • SensiBalm (hemp lip balm)
  • RAW Connoisseur papers / filters
  • Glass pipe


Girls Box

The Sensi Box for Her was actually one of the best subscription boxes we’ve seen in awhile. Not only does it contain all the necessary goodies for getting your smoke on, it also includes some unique, fair trade and eco-friendly items that are sure to please. This month’s box came with a bracelet from Acacia Creations, using recycled paper beads that are handmade in Kenya and Uganda.

Girls Box Stash List

  • Pair of weed leaf socks
  • Stash bag
  • Paper & bead bracelet
  • Doob tube
  • RAW rolling mat
  • Hemp wick
  • SensiBalm (hemp lip balm)
  • RAW Connoisseur papers / filters
  • Glass chillum
  • Glass pipe

Our Feels on the Sensi Box

At the $35 price point the Sensi Box is a bit more expensive than most other stoner subscription boxes, but only by a few dollars. Considering you’re getting two pieces of glass it seems well worth the money.

Hands down our favorite aspect of the Sensi Box was found in the girls box. Including a mix of smoking accessories with unique fair trade items, something we’ve never seen before. If I was looking for a gift for that special stoner-lady in my life, I wouldn’t think twice about ordering one (or many) of these boxes.

The box for Him is a little more plain, it contains everything you’d expect a stoner sub box would. Again, you’re getting two pieces of glass and all the other essentials, but nothing as unique as the items in the girls box. That being said, I was still really stoked with everything in the box for Him.

Sensi Box Coupon Code

If you decide to give the Sensi Box a try, we managed to save you a few bucks on plans of 3-months or longer. With our coupon code and the built in savings that Sensi Box offers for 3-month+ plans you end up paying about $30 per box. Plus you’ll get some surprise gifts for signing up for a 3+ month plan.

Sensi Box Coupon Code for $10 Off: TCB10

*valid on 3, 6 and 12 month plans only.

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