Top Cannabis Subscription Boxes Reviewed

These days it seems there is a monthly subscription box for everything and everyone, including stoners!

With so many different cannabis related subscription boxes to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is the best bang for your buck. Different boxes might cater to a different type of smoker, joint rollers, glass fanatics or vape heads.

We wanted to make a list of the best pot boxes that we have had the opportunity to review first-hand. Even managed to get you a deal if you decide to order (check the coupon codes).


420 Goody Box

  • 1, 3 and 6 month subscriptions. ($28-$30 per month)
  • Top Shelf & Mega Boxes available.

420 Goody Box 10% Off Coupon: CHILL10

420 Goody Box Review

Dollar High Club

  • Next day shipping.
  • Three subscription box options ranging from $1 to $30.

Dollar High Club 10% Off Coupon: CHILL

Dollar High Club Review

Cannabake Box

  • Three packages to choose from.
  • Boxes start at $23 per month.

Cannabake Box 10% Off Coupon: CHILLBUD

Cannabake Box Review

The Puff Pack

  • Packages starting at $1.
  • Customize your Puff Pack.

The Puff Pack 15% Off Coupon: CHILLBUD

The Puff Pack Review

Hemper Box

  • Lots of Subscription Options.
  • Ships worldwide!

Hemper 15% Off Coupon: thechillbud

Hemper Box Review

Kush Cargo

  • Nug & Dab options available.
  • Ships to US & Canada.

Kush Cargo Coupon: Coming Soon!

Kush Cargo Review

Green Bake Box

  • Out of business.

Green Bake Box Coupon: CHILLBUD
Good for 5% Off your Subscription or 10% Off previous boxes!

Green Bake Box Review

Burn Box

  • Out of Business.

Burn Box 10% Off Coupon: THECHILLBUD

Burn Box Review

 The Dude Boxx

  • Out of Business.

Dude Boxx 10% Off Coupon: Dudelife

Dude Boxx Review

More Coming Soon!