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CANNCUP is a new way to brew your bud. Developed by Canadian medical marijuana producer CannTrust, the CannCup is a Keurig compatible coffee pod infused with cannabis.

Cannabis Coffee Pods – The Latest Buzz

Cannabis coffee isn’t a new idea, but these pods would be the first of their kind in Canada. Until very recently marijuana concentrates were banned in Canada, and marijuana edibles are still prohibited. This is expected to change very soon under the new Liberal government though, giving patients and producers more freedom to medicate using edibles.

CannTrust CEO Eric Paul says the single serve cannabis coffee pods will be around $3 to $4, making them as pricey as a premium cup of joe from your local coffee shop. “We’re ready to go, other than the fact we need approval from health Canada,” Eric told reporters.

The Canadian cannabis market could bring in around $5 billion per year according to experts. Expect to see quite a few companies jumping into the industry to claim their piece of the pie.

Benefits of Pot Pods

Marijuana edibles offer one clear and distinct advantage over smoking cannabis, you aren’t smoking. Despite what many Pro-Cannabis individuals may say, inhaling any combusted substance is bad for your health, it’s just common sense. By eating cannabis you are avoiding any of the potential harm brought about by inhaling smoke.

Pot pods and other marijuana edibles can also be very strictly regulated and tested, allowing users to closely monitor their dosage.

Edibles are a great way to medicate in public too. It’s far more socially acceptable to walk down the sidewalk with a cup of coffee or THC infused cookie than it is to smoke a joint. Hopefully this changes, but for now edibles will allow medical marijuana patients to medicate in public without bringing unwanted attention.

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