Pokemon Go is a massively popular new app that uses your phone’s camera to augment reality so you travel around searching for Pokemon. But you already know that, it’s become even more popular than the “dating” app Tinder.


What you may not already know is that Pokemon Go is a stoner’s best bud!

Far too often people decide to spend a lazy weekend smoking weed and sitting on the couch. Yeah it’s nice to kick back and do absolutely nothing from time to time, but making this a habit is a major problem. Furthermore, it only perpetuates the misconception that all stoners are lazy, this hurts the cannabis community as a whole.

So get up off your couch and catch some goddamn Pokemon!

Why Pokemon Go Is Perfect for Cannabis Users

Getting out in nature and smoking a joint is probably my favorite thing to do. Personally I like to disconnect from the increasingly busy world and clear my mind from all those technological distractions that consume most of my day. However, even for me, it can be difficult to motivate myself to do so on a regular basis. It’s far too easy to kick back and watch some Netflix to unwind.

Cannabis Strains for Active Tokers

Pokemon Go is changing the game. On days where I am torn between going for a hike or just chilling at home, it’s the extra little push to get out and explore. After all, who knows what kind of rare Pokemon are waiting for me out there?!

Quite a few cannabis enthusiasts are actually upset with the new app because it is bringing unwanted attention to their favorite smoke spots. Bringing in droves of Pokemon trainers to their once hidden stoner getaways.

Convince your buds to jump on the Pokemon Go train, roll up a fatty for the adventure and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have. All the while it’s a much healthier way to enjoy the company of your friends as opposed to sitting around all day. Or if you prefer to go solo, let your Pokemon collection keep you company while you attempt to catch them all.

Pokemon Go may seem like it’s targeted towards children, but it’s actually most popular with 90’s kids. The kids that grew up collecting and trading Pokemon cards in the 90’s are the ones who seem most excited about this new app. We absolutely do not support children going out and getting stoned, but if you’re of age, and can do so legally, we definitely suggest getting high AF and catching some Pokemon.

Go explore nature, or find hidden gems in your city that you have never taken the time to appreciate. Soon you’ll find yourself up and about more often than you are sitting at home, a very welcome change for some unhealthy tokers.

If you have absolutely no interest in becoming the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer, you may want to install the app just to avoid any hot spots so you can smoke in peace.