Cannabis butter may be the single most useful thing when it comes to cooking with cannabis, but weed honey is a close second!


Earlier this year there was a story about bees who were trained to harvest from marijuana plants specifically. The beekeeper claimed they produced an intoxicating canna-honey, which sparked a pretty major debate online whether or not this was possible.

Instead of training an army of bees to see whether or not they produced high-honey, why not eliminate the guesswork and create your very own canna-honey?!

Cannabis Infused Honey Recipe


  • 1 Cup honey (preferably local & unpasteurized)
  • 7 Grams decarboxylated cannabis
  • 1 Tablespoon lecithin

Feel free to play around with the measurements if you want a more or less potent final product. For every 1 cup of honey, use 1 tablespoon of lecithin.

Learn how to decarboxylate cannabis.


  1. Place your decarboxylated marijuana in a piece of cheesecloth and fasten it tightly with some string. Cut off the excess cloth and string, it helps make life easier later on.
  2. In a glass mason jar, place your honey and lecithin and your cannabis filled cheesecloth.
  3. Tightly secure the lid on the jar and place it in a crockpot / slowcooker with a dish rag between the jar and the bottom of the pot.
  4. Fill the crockpot with water so the jar is mostly submerged and turn on the lowest setting (about 200°-210° F).
  5. Every couple of hours give the jar a shake and burp the jar to release any pressure. Repeat this for a minimum of 8 hours.
  6. Remove the jar from the crockpot and squeeze the cheesecloth thoroughly to get every last drop of that golden goodness (this can get messy). Be careful shaking and removing the jar, it’s hot!
  7. Store your cannabis infused honey in the fridge for maximum freshness.

Enjoy your homemade canna-honey in tea, on toast or use it in your baking (be sure to keep the heat low). It makes a great topping for oatmeal, parfaits or anywhere you would normally use plain old non-cannabis honey.

Dosage can vary greatly depending on the strength of cannabis used, personal tolerance and how well you decarb your pot. Generally 1 tablespoon of honey should do the trick, but as with all edibles, start low and slow.


Canna-Honey Is A Game Changer

As we mentioned earlier, when most people think of cannabis edibles they think of cannabis butter. It’s widely used in baked goods, spread of toast and even added to coffee. No question cannabutter is a hugely versatile edible staple, but it isn’t your only option.

Cannabis honey can be used to sweeten and lift up virtually any dining experience. Add it to your savory dishes, desserts or use it in place of sweetener in your beverage of choice. Once you have a jar of canna-honey in the fridge you can get creative and make just about anything into a potent cannabis edible.