The cannabis community is buzzing about the recent Canadian Election, ousting the Conservative government that was dead set against marijuana, and electing Justin Trudeau of the Liberals. Running on the platform of full legalization and regulation of the cannabis industry.


Evolution of Cannabis Tourism

Right now, when people think cannabis tourism, they think of Amsterdam or most recently Colorado. People from all around the world travel to these stoner-friendly destinations to escape their own countries harsh drug laws.

Canada never had the harshest penalties for possession of marijuana, many people actually think it’s already legal up there. Vancouver already has dozens of dispensaries, meant to provide product for individuals with medical marijuana licenses, but it is pretty simple to acquire with or without a license.

With the newly elected Liberal government, assuming they stick to their promise, Canada is likely to become the next country to legalize cannabis. This is a giant leap in the right direction as far as outright legalization in North America goes. Our neighbors to the North will see legalization sweep across the country in the next year or two (hopefully).


Canada and Cannabis, The Future Is Green

Canada was already a great cannabis-friendly destination for travelers. Offering world renowned marijuana, cannabis-friendly lounges and a friendly environment that for the most part, accepts pot-smokers. It may not have been entirely legal, but the B.C. government seemed to turn a blind eye to these dispensaries and pot lounges.

Once Justin Trudeau’s Liberals go through with legalization, expect to see hundreds of dispensaries pop up across the country. Canada is already pretty tolerant of marijuana, and it has been for years. So the success of the cannabis industry in Canada is virtually certain.

With some of the world’s friendliest people, Canada is a great place to travel to and experience, especially if you enjoy good bud and the great outdoors!

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