Alright ladies, the time has come. Now you can use cannabis vaginally.


When I heard that I could stick weed up my vagina to relieve menstrual cramps, I lit a candle and retweeted Bernie Sanders.” – Sophie Saint Thomas, Racked

First Ever Vaginal Cannabis Suppository

Foria Relief launched the first ever cannabis suppository aimed at treating menstrual cramps on January 25th of 2016. What a time to be alive!

The vaginal suppositories are comprised of only 3 ingredients, the base of which being pure cocoa butter, in addition to CO2 extracted cannabis oil and CBD isolate.

The cannabis suppository created by Foria Relief helps to relieve menstrual cramps by relieving the pain and inflammation at its source. Active THC (about 60 mg per capsule), along with CBD (10 mg) can be used topically and are effective for a wide variety of ailments. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a particularly powerful cannabinoid with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

Yes you can get high through your vagina. While the majority of users don’t report feeling ‘high’, everyone is different and it is very possible you will get a buzz. These suppositories were only launched a couple of days ago too, so we expect some more potent options coming very soon.

Smoking a joint to ease menstrual cramps may help a bit, but it pales in comparison to delivering the cannabis directly into the vagina. Instead of giving you a high that the joint would, it will give you a powerful body high concentrated where you want it.

Doctors and cannabis advocates are excited for the prospect of vaginal marijuana suppositories. Many women suffer from extreme menstrual cramps each and every month, and there is very little they can do to treat the pain effectively and safely. Advil and tylenol are popular choices, some even opt for the dangerous opioid pain relievers. These can take their toll on your liver and become seriously addictive.

By using the active cannabinoids in cannabis and using cocoa butter to deliver the medicine vaginally, you are getting more effective pain relief and it’s far safer.

At the moment the Foria Relief vaginal cannabis suppository is only available in select locations, selling for $44.00 for a 4-pack. Would you give it a shot?