Cannabis legalization efforts have been front and center lately, commanding the majority of marijuana media attention. While cannabis is proving to be extremely promising for a myriad of health conditions, one component specifically is really making waves in the medical community.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is an exceptionally powerful cannabinoid offering a host of benefits. As cannabis cultivators and medical experts learn more about CBD and its potential in the medical world, it has given rise to the CBD oil industry as well as CBD dominant strains.

What Is CBD?

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects. This means that users won’t experience the sensation of being ‘high’ after using CBD oil. The fact that CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects is a huge reason why it has been embraced much easier than cannabis as a whole.

Cannabis contains dozens of different cannabinoids. Some evidence suggests that these cannabinoids work in harmony with one and other, offering users the full spectrum of health benefits. The downside is that users will feel ‘stoned’; this is where CBD comes in.

Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol is responsible for the majority of the health benefits that cannabis has to offer. The health benefits of cannabidiol range far and wide due to the fact that it acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Virtually all disease stems from inflammation and oxidative damage to our cells, by limiting these you are helping to promote the body’s overall health and immune function.

Pain relief is the number one reason medical marijuana patients consume marijuana. Whether it’s dealing with arthritis, back pain or splitting headaches, cannabis seems to offer near-immediate relief for many patients. Cannabidiol may not give users the ‘stoned’ sensation, but it will do wonders for relieving pain and relaxing muscles.

In Depth Guide to CBD Health benefits

Guide to Buying CBD Oil

Regulations surrounding CBD are much looser than the regulations for cannabis. This wasn’t always the case though, for quite some time it was treated no differently than any other form of cannabis.

Now you can purchase CBD oil online and have it shipped across the country with no issue (in most cases). If you’re lucky enough to live in a legal state, you can probably head down to your local dispensary and peruse the CBD dominant flower strains as well. Most growers provide at least one high CBD flower option for patients who want to medicate without feeling overwhelmingly stoned.

When looking to buy CBD oil, either online or in store, it’s important to understand the differences between cannabis oils. We put together an in-depth guide to understanding the different forms of cannabis oil.

Understanding the Different Types of Cannabis Oil

To put it simply, look for the words “Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil” and ensure it is coming from a reputable company that you trust. Terms like “Hemp Oil” or “Cannabis Oil” are often used, and can be quite vague. If you’re not clear on what’s in the product or have any hesitations be sure to reach out to the company and ask questions before making your purchase.