Inventor of the iconic Jelly Belly, David Klein has recently pursued a new venture, CBD infused jelly beans. Due to the more lenient regulations surrounding CBD in food products across the United States, David decided to launch his very own line of CBD infused jelly beans called Spectrum™ Jelly Beans.


Jelly Belly’s David Klein Creates CBD Infused Beans

Klein wouldn’t be the obvious pick for someone to enter into the CBD edibles market, having never tried drugs, cigarettes or even alcohol before. His inspiration actually came from his wife, Rebecca who suffered a nasty fall while in Colorado.

The pain was tremendous. We visited a dispensary in Trinidad, Colorado, and bought some cookies with THC. When I saw how much it helped her level of pain, I was helped to get on board, and the CBD bean idea began.” explained Klein.

After seeing first hand how beneficial cannabis can be for pain, Klein’s adventure into the world of CBD edibles started. In 1976 David Klein created an iconic candy, the Jelly Belly, and now he has brought this expertise and passion into his new Spectrum™ Jelly Beans infused with 10mg of CBD per bean. There are currently 38 flavors, but he plans to create even more unique flavors as time goes on.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is used for a myriad of things, from relieving muscle tension / pain to helping reduce the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures. It has even been reported to help children with behavioral disorders such as ADD, ADHD and even Autism.

There are countless stories and reports from parents expressing how CBD has helped their child. CBD infused jelly beans are a fantastic way to combat pill fatigue, and are a much more desirable way to get your daily CBD dose, especially for children.

Klein believes everything he has done up until now has led to this latest endeavor.

I’m more excited about this product than any other candy I’ve ever made,” said Klein. “It’s something to help mankind – and that gives me the motivation to go forward. I was born to make jelly beans, and if they heal people, so much the better.

Currently you can purchase Spectrum™ Jelly Beans from their website. The beans are sold in bulk for $600.00 USD for 800 pieces (either regular or sour) or $600.00 USD for 750 sugar-free jelly beans. Someday very soon we expect you’ll be able to buy a more reasonably sized bag of CBD jelly beans from your local dispensary.