There is no question that marijuana has a vast number of potential health benefits, but it’s also no question that inhaling a combusted substance is bad for your health. While certain cannabinoids may help fight cancer or even help fight oxidative stress, these effects are minimized or even negated completely when you inhale burnt plant matter.

Here Is Why I Vaporize (Mostly…)

Personally, I love smoking the herb. Nothing will replace the experience of rolling a joint and smoking it down to the filter. I look at smoking a joint like a treat. For anyone who is medicating daily, vaporizing makes quite a bit of sense.

Vaporizing marijuana has a few advantages over smoking it, the number one benefit is the fact that you aren’t burning the plant matter (assuming you are using the correct temperatures). Beyond that, your body actually absorbs more of the psychoactive component of cannabis, THC. You are not only helping your lungs by vaporizing, you are helping get the absolute most out of your stash.

The folks over at ThaVapeShop put together a great infographic that outlines a few of the advantages of vaporizing over smoking. Here is an easy to digest infographic that could change the way you toke up from now on.

5 Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking