For those of you who don’t already know, MassRoots is a popular social app rooted in the cannabis community. Essentially, Instagram for marijuana enthusiasts.

Join up and follow these 20 popular MassRoots accounts, you won’t be disappointed.

20 Must Follow MassRoots Accounts

1. EditorsChoice


If you only follow one account, make it this one. EditorsChoice takes the very best pictures from the MassRoots community and posts them here. If you think your photo is worthy of being featured, be sure to hashtag #EditorsChoice to be considered.

Follow EditorsChoice

2. TheChillBud


Shameless self-promotion. We joined the MassRoots game late, but we are trying to make up for lost time, so lets be buds!

Follow TheChillBud

3. BeautifulBuds


One of the most popular accounts on MassRoots, no surprise when you check out their feed. Use hashtag #BeautifulBuds for a chance to be featured on a 100k + Mass Roots account.

Follow BeautifulBuds

4. UncleBuck


UncleBuck is part of the MassRoots team, as you could imagine, his feed is dope AF. A must follow in our books.

Follow UncleBuck

5. SheSmokesJoints


If you are a stoner and use social media, you have no doubt seen SheSmokesJoints around. She has uber-popular social accounts featuring some of the most beautiful pot shots on the web. Show her some love, be buds.

Follow SheSmokesJoints

6. blazedbuckeye


Another member of the MassRoots team, expect some great shots!

Follow blazedbuckeye

7. tonygreenhand


A great feed for all sorts of grow pictures, creative blunt rolling and much more.

Follow tonygreenhand

8. Potlantis


One of our personal favorites on MassRoots. Top notch dope pics on the regular, what’s not to like?

Follow Potlantis



If you are passionate about marijuana, both medical and recreational, you need to be following NORML. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is a fantastic non-profit organization hellbent on legalizing marijuana in America and across the globe.

Follow NORML

10. Valleyrec420


Some of the best blunt-art on the web is from Valleyrec420. You have probably seen the tarantula blunt on reddit by now, yeah these are the guys who are responsible.

Follow Valleyrec420

11. MassGrows


A feed for growers and tokers alike. If you love seeing cannabis grows or want to share your own, give MassGrows a follow and tag your posts with the hashtag #massgrows.

Follow MassGrows

12. coolsmoketricks


The account name really says it all, a feed full of jaw-dropping smoke tricks. We recommend giving them a follow, your mind will be blown.

Follow coolsmoketricks

13. DankShots420


A nice mashup of nug shots and blunt shots on the regular.

Follow DankShots420

14. dailydabs


Living that Twax life? This feed will get your juices flowing. Get the very best dab shots direct to your feed, or submit your photos using the hashtag #dailydabs.

Follow dailydabs

15. abudlife


Following abudlife is a good life choice. Dank shots from up north in Canada, be a bud and keep them warm.

Follow abudlife

16. dabasaurusjess


Another amazing dab feed. While the feed itself is top notch, we followed them immediately because of the name, dabasaurusjess, genius!

Follow dabasaurusjess

17. Whaxy


Not too sure what to say about the whaxy feed, it’s worth a follow though.

Follow whaxy

18. SoCalGrownLED


Follow along with some of dankest indoor grow shots from South Cali. 11k followers doesn’t do this feed justice, give them a follow, they deserve it.

Follow SoCalGrownLED

19. certifiednub


A solid feed from a certified pot-head. Expect all sorts of dope shots, from dope shots, to vapes and bongs.

Follow certifiednub

20. liser


Last but certainly not least! Dank shots, amazing rolling pics and bong bowl packs, this page really has it all.

Follow liser

That’s It

That concludes our top 20 accounts to follow on MassRoots article. As time goes on, some accounts may rise and others may fall, so we may come back and edit / add onto this list if we deem it necessary.

Think we missed a must-follow account? Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to check it out.

PS. Don’t forget to follow us on MassRoots.