Artist Uses Roach Paper to Create Amazing Pieces of Art

Roaches can be quite useful when your bag is running low, some people toss them, others save them religiously in order to roll second, third and fourth generation joints. Angel Monge however saves his roaches for an entirely different reason, he saves them to make magnificent pieces of art.

The medium may have already given it away, but Angel is a true to his roots hippie currently kicking back on a farm in Kauai. Art consumes the majority of his day, but he is also working on his autobiography. Taking readers on journey of a nomadic man “selling stickers and taking acid on the beach.”

Roach Paper Art Gallery










A Bit About Angel Monge

When we asked how Angel prefers to smoke he said “I don’t dab, or vape, or Sherlock, or chillum, or pass around joints. I rather twist one up and smoke it to my head, although it is nice sharing with the wife,”

Currently all of Angel Monge’s roach paper art works are in storage, but he is looking for a cannabis club to display them and sell prints. So if you are a cannabis club owner and want to showcase some of these unique pieces, get in touch.