There are some unwritten rules when smoking weed with a group, whether they are friends or strangers, it is always best to adhere to these ganja guidelines.

Stoner Etiquette Infographic

10 Stoner Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow


  1. Sharing

No one wants to be left out, so even if you only have a little left, it’s best to share with the group. After all, sharing is caring.


  1. Puff, Puff, Pass

An age old adage to keep things moving in the circle. Prefer to Puff, Pass, that’s fine, just don’t Puff, Puff, Puff, Pass. Bogarting a joint is one of the best ways to get un-invited to the next sharing circle.


  1. Pass the Dutchie on the Left Hand Side

Musical Youth made this impossible to forget, always pass the piece to the left. No one is sure what happens when you pass it to the right, but we assume it would be a total catastrophe.


  1. No Bud? No Problem!

It’s ok if you don’t have bud of your own, just be sure to let everyone know before the sesh starts and always ask politely to partake. People don’t mind sharing, just don’t be the mooch that never seems to have weed.


  1. Corner the Bowl

Corner the damn bowl! Cannot stress this enough, it is a rookie / dickhead move to scorch the bowl. “Scorching” a bowl simply means lighting the whole thing immediately, leaving the entire bowl burnt and giving the next tokers a terrible tasting haul.
To avoid scorching the bowl, rest the flame near the edge of the bowl and pull it in with your rip. This will light the very edge of the bowl, allowing the next tokers to do the same, this way everyone gets a nice green hit.


  1. Clear the Chamber

Never hit a bong and pass it with smoke in the chamber. Either finish the smoke up, or blow it out by blowing into the stem. No one wants your stale smoke, so deal with it before you pass it. Photo via –


  1. Spliff Warning!

Enjoy rolling up some tobacco with your joints? Awesome! Just let everyone know what’s up before they toke on it. Photo via –


  1. Keeping it Dry

This generally pertains to joints and blunts, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen during a pipe sesh. Soaking a joint with your saliva is never cool, it ruins the pull on the joint and it is downright gross. Curl those lips in or pull through your fingers if you have a hard time keeping it dry.


  1. Stay Fresh

We all know “that guy”, the guy who is too lazy to change his bong water for days or even weeks at a time. Pulling some delicious herb through nasty swamp water sucks, change your water often (every sesh preferably).


  1. Don’t Be A Lighter Thief

Aside from scorching a bowl, this is probably the biggest stoner pet peeve. If someone is nice enough to provide the fire for your sesh, be sure to return their lighter at the end. Pocketing someone else’s lighter on purpose or by mistake is a major faux pas!

Stoner Etiquette Infographic

Following these 10 Stoner Etiquette Tips will make you look like a seasoned professional and will help ensure you are invited back to the next sesh.

Blaze on buds!