Most people don’t bother learning about the different types of marijuana, for most, a bud’s a bud. This mentality is changing quickly though, with hundreds of dispensaries popping up across the country cannabis connoisseurs are more prevalent than ever. It is important to understand the difference between Sativa and Indica because it will influence your “high” and shape your experience.

Sativa vs Indica

But Wait, There’s More!

The above infographic helps explain some of the major differences between sativa and indica cannabis strains, but there are also hybrid strains that offer a more well-rounded high. Depending on your preference, you can find hybrid strains that are either sativa or indica dominant.


Cannabis Sativa is far more slender than Indica. Sativa plants usually grow between 6-20 feet tall, making them giants compared to the 2-6 foot Indica plants.

Indica plants mature quite a bit quicker than Sativa plants though. Cannabis Indica is generally ready to harvest after 6-8 weeks of growth. Cannabis Sativa takes between 9-12 weeks.

Popular Sativa Strains Include:

Silver HazeSour Diesel – Green CrackAlaskan Thunder FuckPurple HazeJack The Ripper – Durban Poison

Popular Indica Strains Include:

Northern LightsPurple KushBlueberryAfghan KushBig BudGod BudSuper SkunkPlatinum OGDeath Star