The cannabis industry as a whole is booming! Companies catering to the cannabis space are innovating like never before and consumers are reaping the benefits. LED grow lights have become a must have for anyone looking to grow their own marijuana plants at home. They’re highly efficient, easy to operate and produce some of the best buds.


Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights

As early as a few years ago the options for high quality LED grow lights at a reasonable price were dismal. Today, brands like Spider-Farmer are putting together top quality products at very affordable prices.

Previously, if you wanted top quality components in your grow lights you’d need to shell out a small fortune and have an intimate knowledge of how everything worked. Today, virtually anyone can start growing with a minimal investment and knowledge.

Using the same technology and components as commercial grow equipment, Spider-Farmer eliminates the barrier to entry by providing a number of affordable options without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re looking to grow a single plant, or convert an entire room into a commercial grow they have you covered.

Spider-Farmer’s new line of LED grow lights starts as low as $159.99 USD. Pretty remarkable considering they’re using Samsung LM301B diodes, Mean Well drivers and have a solid aluminum construction designed to operate without any noisy fans.

LED Spectrum Breakdown

  • Warm white light (3000K)
  • Blue light (5000K)
  • Red light (660nm)
  • IR light (760nm)


This full spectrum of LEDs ensures optimal plant growth from germination to harvest. There’s no need to swap out light fixtures or change the light spectrum between growing periods. Simply dial the dimmer knob to provide the desired amount of light to fit each growing cycle and you’re good to go. One light does it all!

If you’re dedicating an area in your home to growing plants, noise is a very real concern for most people. Many lights have built in cooling systems with either heat syncs, fans or both. Spider-Farmer uses a very clean design with an aluminum body to help dissipate heat without the need for fans. However, if you’re growing in a warm area you may have to consider a cooling system of some sort.


Mean Well drivers are considered to be the very best on the market. Samsung LED diodes are also the gold standard when it comes to grow light diodes. Spider Farmer uses both of these in their lights, which is pretty remarkable considering the cost of the light itself. By investing in high quality components you can ensure your grow light will have a long life and put out a considerable amount of full spectrum light.

Not only does Spider Farmer use great components in their lights, they also offer a 3-year limited warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee for complete peace of mind.

PPFD Readings


As you can see from the PPFD readings, even the outermost readings remain quite high. This is not usual when it comes to most grow lights. Generally the PPFD values around the edges plummet.

Spider Farmer quantum boards offer a very even light spread to ensure great coverage for all plants.

The SF-2000 LED grow light is a great choice for anyone looking to grow between 1-4 plants. With a veg footprint of 3’ x 4’ and a flowering footprint of 2’ x 4’ it provides ample light, even at the very edges of the footprint. A supplied RJ45 cable allows you to seamlessly add more lights to your grow as needed.
Here’s a list of everything you’ll find in the SF-2000 box:

  • SF-2000 LED Grow Light
  • 2 x Stainless steel hanger hooks
  • 2x Adjustable ratchet rope hanger
  • Power cord
  • RJ45 Cable (connecting multiple lights)
  • User manual


All in all Spider Farmer has great quality products for very reasonable prices. I’d recommend them to anyone interested in growing plants indoors, whether they’re first timers or looking to upgrade their existing equipment. Plus, Spider Farmer has a wide variety of products to choose from including grow tents and complete grow kits.

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