Remember that video of Santa Ana police officers raiding a marijuana dispensary, eating marijuana edibles and making inappropriate remarks to a one legged person in a wheelchair. Specifically “I was about to kick her in her F***ing nub.

Yeah, those very same cops have just filed a lawsuit claiming their privacy was violated. They hope to prevent the video from being admissible evidence during the internal investigation.

They Only Broke the Law Because they Thought All the Cameras Were Down

The attorneys for this group of ridiculous officers say that they were under the impression that they had disabled all the surveillance cameras. So they were being filmed without their knowledge and they didn’t give express permission to the dispensary to document their activities. Essentially, the officers only broke the law and abused their authority because they thought no one was watching.

Video proof that Santa Ana police officers were harassing citizens, acting like total pricks and eating marijuana edibles exists, but officers want it disregarded? These scumbag police officers want to kick down the door and use unreasonable force to shut down a dispensary and then break the very same law they were there to enforce.

Cases like this one reflect poorly on all law enforcement, an unfortunate fact that is the reason police officers are criticized so heavily by the public. A few maverick cops with a serious ego problem totally overshadows the amazing work that MOST cops do on a daily basis. The people who should be most outraged about this story (aside from the dispensary itself) are other police officers.

Tip of the Iceberg?

The scariest thing is if these officers weren’t so stupid, and managed to turn off ALL the cameras, no one would have ever heard this story. They would have all walked away scott-free.

It really makes you wonder what else is being hidden, what other double standards are being employed by officers. Imagine how many times they did manage to turn off all the cameras, and what exactly they did when no one was watching.