Canada Based Company Begins Producing Cannabis Oil

A Gatineau based medical marijuana company has just received a license from Health Canada to start producing cannabis oil.

Hydropothecary currently sells dried marijuana to medical patients across the country, but they have their sights set on edibles and oils at the moment. Many people aren’t comfortable smoking marijuana or are looking for different ways to medicate, these oils are the answer.

This license from Health Canada doesn’t allow them to sell the cannabis oil, but they can start producing it, allowing them to test the final product and fine-tune the process. They hope to start selling as soon as they complete the series of Health Canada approvals.

The Power of Purity

Hydropothecary says that its extraction process eliminates the need for solvents and harsh chemicals that can leave a residue in the finished product. They use an extraction machine which “is basically a giant pressure cooker.” Says company spokesperson Julie Beun.

Cannabis oil can be made with any edible oil, including olive oil and coconut oil. It can help to treat a variety of health conditions including chronic pain, seizures, insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress.

Health Canada will regularly inspect and test the products, ensuring a top quality final product that existing dispensaries simply cannot provide.

source: ottawacitizen.com