All-in-one cannabis grow boxes have become a huge business since legalization rolled out in Canada as well as a number of US states. Many people want to flex their green-thumb, or simply want to avoid the outrageous taxes that they get charged at dispensaries. The problem is that growing cannabis can be time consuming and confusing. Enter the Grobo, an automated grow box that takes all the guesswork out of growing weed; recently featured on Dragon’s Den.


Automated Grow Boxes Are the Future

The biggest hurdle people face when exploring the possibility of growing their own cannabis plants at home is the fact that it really isn’t very simple to do; at least if you want to do it well. You need a bunch of equipment, and plenty of know-how. Learning about light cycles, nutrients and watering schedules can be a full-time job, making the barrier to entry a bit daunting for most people.

Due to the extreme cost of legal cannabis at pot shops, and the uncertainty of how exactly the product was grown people are opting to grow their own weed. For individuals without much time on their hands, or folks who simply don’t want to deal with the frustration of growing marijuana, an automated grow box is a perfect solution.

How Does the Grobo Work?

There are many all-in-one grow box solutions on the market, and there have been for quite a while. Generally they come in the form of a light-tent coupled with LED grow lights on a timer. As far as watering the plants and ensuring their getting the necessary nutrients it’s still largely up to the grower to do. That’s what makes the Grobo grow box so exciting! All you need to do is ensure the water reservoir is full, the nutrient bottles aren’t empty and the unit itself is plugged in.

After the initial investment of the Grobo unit itself, as well as the nutrients, all you’ll need to do is plant your desired cannabis seed, fill the water reservoir and pick one of hundreds of “recipes” put together by growing experts from the convenient app.

Along with custom lighting schedules and nutrient recipes, the Grobo comes with pH and humidity sensors, a coco pod growing medium, a carbon air filter to eliminate odors and even a locking door to ensure your grow stays safe and private.


Thinking of Purchasing a Grobo?

Grobo offers two different grow box units, the Solid costs $1,999.00 USD and the Premium costs $2,199.00. Both units come with a 1-year warranty as well as the full grow-kit set of nutrients.

The grow-kit itself contains 5-bottles of nutrients, a coco pod as well as a fresh carbon filter. A full kit costs $63.99 which isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a small price to pay to ensure a fool-proof high quality cannabis grow. After all, you’ll still be paying a fraction of the price that you would if you purchased cannabis from a local dispensary. The pill that’s hardest to swallow is the initial investment in the grow unit itself at ~$2,000 it isn’t for the casual marijuana user. If you’re a frequent consumer of cannabis and enjoy the process then the Grobo is a great option! It will save you quite a bit of money over time and makes for a great dinner conversation with guests.

Grobo Reviews

Grobo reviews are very positive for the most part, but as far as cannabis grow boxes this sophisticated go, there isn’t much to compare it to. I haven’t tried it myself, but some complaints include light leaking, door not closing properly and the connection to the internet can be spotty. If we get the chance to review the Grobo we’ll try to get to the bottom of these issues, but for now we’re going to side with the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

If you’ve tried the Grobo we’d love to hear about your experience with it.

Enjoy the process of growing your very own cannabis plant, and savor the fruits of your labor without the labor part of the equation.