We generally aren’t fans of TMZ style articles, but this headline caught our attention and we just had to share.

Krista Morton, a high-school principal in North Palm Beach was caught in the back-seat of her car with a container of marijuana, a partially unbuttoned shirt and an 18 year old student. A recipe for disaster!


Only In Florida…

Krista-Morton-Caught-Smoking-Weed-with-StudentWhile the report is unclear whether or not Krista Morton was smoking marijuana, it was quite clear about her shirt being unbuttoned exposing her shoulder and chest.

When Krista Morton was questioned by police, she claimed her and the student were “just friends” and she picked him up because she was lonely.

The Chill Bud is all for toking up with your buds, and this story may be a fantasy for many high school students but it certainly crosses a line. So it should come as no surprise that Krista is suspended from her job until further notice, and will likely lose her job.

Something we still can’t get our heads around, is when you see the police pull up, button your damn shirt up!

via nydailynews.com