The Wake and Bake can be a magical thing, but it can also be an express ticket to an extended afternoon nap or lethargic evening if you’re not careful. The key to a successful wake and bake is taking it easy, and choosing the right strain for the job.

As you might imagine, there aren’t many Indica strains on this list (we did include one though), as Indica strains are generally more sedative and will leave you with a serious case of couch lock. Instead we focus on some Sativa strains, as well as Sativa heavy hybrids. These strains are more suited for a wake and bake, they can help motivate you, peak your creativity and complement your active lifestyle.


Cannabis Strains Perfect for a Wake and Bake

Here is the ultimate list of 25 mood lifting, energy boosting, creativity enhancing cannabis strains that are well-suited to morning tokes.


Green Crack


Let’s kick off the list of the best wake and bake strains with a sativa strain that is arguably the most popular. Green Crack is so ubiquitous in dispensaries across the globe because of it’s invigorating buzz, offering a sharp mental boost and heavy dose of focus. It won’t leave you feeling like a couch potato, quite the opposite in fact. A perfect strain to start your day with and tackle anything the world has to throw your way.


Cat Piss


Born from the well-known Super Silver Haze, Cat Piss is a sativa dominant strain with an aroma that lends itself to its name. It’s a great strain for daytime use as it leaves users feeling joyful and uplifted, as well as energetic. Assuming you can get over the ammonia-esque stink that emanates from this strain, this is a fantastic wake and bake option.




Traditionally born from Haze, Skunk and Oasis, Hempstar is now commonly referred to as “Brainstorm”, a cross between the Indica Northern Lights and Haze. The former (Hempstar) is a bit better suited to being a wake and bake strain, but both provide similar effects.

Hempstar is a mild strain that offers a well-rounded high without knocking you off your feet. It’s great for improving your mood and leaving you energized and happy throughout your day.




Hands down one of the dopest strain names on the list. Voodoo is bred from the Thai landrace and offers some seriously long-lasting effects. The uplifting, euphoric high will carry you through the beginning of your day like a flying shag-carpet. Voodoo has a spicy, nutty flavor which lends itself perfectly to your morning cup of coffee, making it a next level wake and bake strain.




Few strains rival Tangie in flavor and aroma, opening a bag is like breaking into a fresh tangerine. Tangilope is born from Tangie and Chocolope, giving it a very unique aroma, fresh citrus mixed with a deep chocolaty essence. This straight sativa will leave users feeling happy and creative, a great way to start your day.




Get all the uplifting and stress relieving benefits you expect, without a super intense high. Strawberry is a mild strain with a very strong fruity aroma and flavor. The high itself is very comfortable and manageable, making it a great strain for users who want to function throughout the rest of their day.


Candy Jack


This strain hits a bit harder than most on this list, suiting it towards more seasoned tokers. Born from the well-known Jack Herer and Skunk strains, Candy Jack is an award winning sativa with plenty to offer. Users report an energetic, uplifting high and a fantastic terpene profile.


Lemon Haze


When life gives you lemons, make some clouds. Lemon Haze is aptly named, each bud gives off a potent lemony aroma and has a distinct yellow tint. Born from Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze, Lemon Haze will give you a boost of energy followed by a long-lasting, uplifting high. The citrus flavor pairs well for early mornings, like a tall glass of orange juice with breakfast.


Sour Diesel


A well-known, hard hitting strain with a pungent aroma. Sour Diesel (Sour D) offers the classic effects of a sativa strain, with a strong cerebral high. As far as wake and bake strains, Sour D is best left for experienced tokers. Otherwise you might find yourself drifting off into a dreamy daze instead of getting your shit done.


Golden Goat


A wake and bake strain that isn’t a pure sativa! Golden Goat is another hard hitting strain, originally bred from a Hawaiian-Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk. The aroma is as complex as the high itself, with notes of tropical fruit, sweetness, sourness, and a hint of spice. The high permeates throughout the entire body, and the high THC levels are great for medical users.


Jesus OG


Born from Hell’s Angel OG and Jack the Ripper, Jesus OG is a sativa dominant hybrid. Coupling a powerful body high with minimal cerebral effects, it’s great for managing pain without giving users brain fog that may inhibit them from toking in the A.M. Expect a pungent citrus aroma with an earthy blend.




Citrus flavored sativa strains are some of the best for a wake and bake. The aroma alone will energize your mind and wake you up, the fresh taste and uplifting effects make it perfect for a morning session. Grapefruit is a descendant of Cinderella 99, bred for it’s unique flavor and textbook sativa characteristics.




They say laughter is the best medicine, and Snowcap is a great way to find the humor in just about everything. Delivering a lovely lemon / mint flavor and a profoundly cerebral high. Snowcap is great for morning sessions if you’re interested in sparking your creativity and positivity for the day.


Maui Waui


Yet another sweet, citrusy strain. Born from the renowned Hawaiian strain, Maui Waui delivers a powerful pineapple punch along with an array of tropical flavors. Maui Waui doesn’t hit as hard as the name suggests, it’s actually a very mellow strain that leaves your mind clear and energized.


Durban Poison


A straight sativa strain that wakes you up like a shot of espresso! Durban Poison originated from the African city of Durban, and it’s known for a highly energetic, uplifting high. If you need to stay productive throughout the day, but are partial to potent buds, this strain is right up your alley!


Agent Orange


This is a more balanced strain in terms of being a sativa or indica. Born from Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, Agent Orange has a complex, well-rounded high. Agent Orange has a mouthwatering orange-citrus aroma, an uplifting and motivating high and some notable indica effects as well.


Great White Shark


In honor of Shark Week, we wanted to include a strain with some bite! Great White Shark is bred from the indica Super Skunk, as well as South American and Indian sativa’s. This strain has some serious teeth, the effects are felt quickly and hit hard! It won’t knock you right out, but if you have a busy day ahead this might not be the best wake and bake strain for you.




A proper wake and bake choice for just about anybody. Cinex is bred from Cinderella 99 and Vortex genetics, offering users a stimulating, clear-headed high that doesn’t sap your energy. Cinex gets a sweet citrus flavor from Cinderella 99 and an earthy taste from the Vortex, combined it’s a really unique and flavorful combination.


Panama Red


This is a true throwback strain that originated in South America and peaked in popularity in the 1960’s. Panama Red is a pure sativa, so expect an energetic, heady-high. It gives users a smooth and manageable high, especially if you’re used to some of today’s stronger strains.


Papa’s OG


Yes, you read that right. Papa’s OG is an indica, and it’s also a great wake and bake strain! We felt it was necessary to include an indica in the sea of sativa’s and sativa heavy hybrids. Expect full body relaxation, a tell-tale sign of an indica strain, but it’s combined with an uplifting cerebral effect. Want to take it easy this morning and chill right out? Try some Papa’s OG.


Thor’s Hammer


Very similar to Cinex, Thor’s Hammer combines the genetics from Cinderella 99, Vortex as well as Acapulco Gold. Thankfully you don’t have to be a god to wield this powerful strain. The energetic high and cerebral punch will hit you like a bolt of lightning!


Alaskan Thunder Fuck


This strain is no joke, it delivers deep relaxation and a euphoric high. Alaskan Thunder Fuck or ATF for short was once thought to be the most potent sativa strain in the world. No question it’s a potent strain, but it is far from the most potent these days. If you are having a chill Sunday morning, ATF is a great choice!


Moby Dick


White Widow and Haze gave birth to one of the strongest sativa strains on earth. Moby Dick is a legendary strain which originated in Amsterdam, the weed capital of the world. The sativa effects are powerful, and the THC content is through the roof! Similar to ATF, it’s a good strain for weekend mornings, but don’t expect to function like a ‘normal’ person afterwards.


Jack the Ripper


This isn’t a strain for the feint of heart, or inexperienced. Jack the Ripper is a sativa dominant strain with a powerful lemony aroma with hints of spice and pine. Often tested at over 20% THC, Jack the Ripper will hit pretty damn hard. A bold choice for a wake and bake regardless of your smoking habits.




More powerful than a Febreze air freshener, bust up a nug of Tangie and the whole room will smell like fresh tangerines! It’s a pretty remarkably potent aroma. Tangie skyrocketed in popularity, and it’s now a staple in most dispensaries across North America. Start your day with a bang with this flavorful strain offering fantastic sativa effects.